torsdag 17. januar 2008

A tribute

to my friends.

Aleksander: though stubborn, you are a great guy with a big heart and superb media skills.
Alice: creative to the finger tips. Keeping it real, loving it large.
Angela: sweet, with one of the best smiles on the planet.
Elin Brit: has always been so much more than just my teacher. We have a lot of things in common and I love talking to you.
Frida: my darling Audrey Hepburn. Lately we haven't been communicating much, but you're a fabulous girl and I simply adore you (and all that jazz...).
Guro: my cupcake, my daughter. I love you so much. We help eachother out when life's hard and we smile together when it's looking up. You're my muffin with chocolate filling and a cherry on top. And you can call me anytime.
Hilde: the coolest dog there is. I know you're not smooshy, but I love you, everything about you. You're so pure and true and you speak up when you disagree, when you see someone who's being mistreated. You have a big, green heart. :)
Inger Lise: you have a nasty way of thinking, but I still adore you. :P Especially your energy, and how you go out and get things done. You're a hard worker and I respect that.
Jon: I've known you basically my whole life and even though we don't see eachother that much anymore, we always seem to have something to discuss, whether it's movies or great philosophies. I truly value our friendship and I hope to know you for the rest of my life.
Karine: my sweet Amélie, my angel. You are the light. The sun. You are SO creative and such a beautiful person all together. I wouldn't trade you for the world and I'll hug you and love you forever.
Karoline: such a support! I lean on you and you're there, spot on. Distance doesn't matter. You are so generous and kind and I love talking to you.
Lene: one of my two ultimate movie buddies. One of the sweetest girls on earth and also one of my daughters. So many movies to watch, so little time!
Lisa: a natural on how to behave at concerts and I can't help but to love someone who's been at a Damien Rice concert with me. Rock on, girl, you're one of the coolest garbage people out there!
Lorelei: some people you instantly have a bond with. You, my dear, are a tower of strength and warmth. Put on some Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and I'm there!
May-Lis: I love your enthusiasm, how you really have faith in what you believe in. You're an inspiration.
Neda: it began with... Well, I honestly can't remember what it began with, but I loveLoveLOVE our conversations. I hope to meet you some day.
Renate: not that much contact anymore, but you're a great girl with amazing skills and I think you'll go far.
Silje: my model, my best friend. Again: distance doesn't matter. Very few things beat watching Nytt på nytt or a fab. movie with you. (And your darling parents come as a bonus. :D)
Siri: cuteness disguised as a girl. You're there for me and I'm there for you. Through break ups and tears, job accomplishments and smiles that last for a week. I'll be there, warming your hands.
Therese: two words: girl power!
Utvik: yes, annoying at times, but gosh, you're a lot of fun too. And such great musical skills. You're a sweet boy. :) Now finish the line: phenomenon...
Valerie: butterscotchbunny with chocolate filling and the ultimate movie buddy nr. 2. You're the Lorelai to my Rory and I love how we can talk for hours about anything. Anything at all.
Vixxen: my reality checker and a true friend. We should make a new list of monsters soon!
Ørjan: I really admire you and your strength. You will acchieve great things. Your laughter is contagious and you'll make anyone smile. You're a great guy.

Cami: sweetness. :) Wonderful to talk to and always seems to lighten my mood.
Jake: SuperJake! One of the greatest guys I know whom I've never met (it's time!!!). I love you, my dear. :)

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  1. Langbein pleie og å sei 'Gosh!' :D

    Det va ei lång og fine lista, Bierre :)
    Kanskje eg ska laga ei på tysk?Hah xD

  2. Ja, I know. :P Haha.

    Takk for det. :)
    Haha, ja, kanskje det? xD