søndag 14. august 2011

An introduction

I'm the girl who cries at funerals even though I didn't know the person that well.

I'm the girl who constantly tries to see the positive in things, but I fail because I have too many emotions overwhelming me and the positive tends to disappear in a snow storm.

I'm the girl who shouldn't stay at home for too long, because my mind turns toxic.

I'm the girl who'll love you and miss you even though you don't feel the same way.

I'm the girl who won't believe you when you pay me a compliment, but I still need to hear it.

I'm the girl who'll fall for a fictional character and love him with all my heart, but I'll still have room for more.

I'm the girl who trusts her gut, and if you make me feel safe I'll trust you as well.

I'm the girl who's romantic and a bit naïve, but I'd rather be those things than a cynic.

I'm the girl who wants to change the world with words.

I'm the girl you keep leaving.

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